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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Beyond Wellington Hills Park: Why Preservation of the Park is Critical - Part 5

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Returning to the basic question  - Should there be a green buffer, a true Northwest park   ...  located between family homes and a full-blown industrial area?

Looking past the row of skinny trees, located on the edge of the cliff at the western boundary of Wellington Hills Park, is a lower valley filled with industrial businesses, garbage trucks, storage rentals, and mounds of stuff.

Here's the edge of the hodge-podge commercial 'district' that's beyond the skinny trees  ... just west of Highway 9 and Route 522. Razor wire, fences ... and mounds of stuff on the ground.

Beyond the dust (?) cloud and the tree line are homes and Wellington Hills Park.

This reminds me of TV commercials showing the "before" of a super fund clean-up.

I didn't see armed patrols of SMIRSH or KAOS, but a guy in a pick-up truck kinda glared at me.

I think this is landscaping mulch or maybe it's pothole repair stuff.

Another pile?
What's this, you ask? 
It's a huge mound of worn out roofing shingles.

I mean, can you ever have too many old, used, extra large tires?

Nothing says Happy-Joy-Joy like a Smiley Face and bulging eyeballs.

The last pic is of the asphalt & concrete recycling business (the piles of stuff located in top third of the photo).

So, returning to the question of what should happen to Wellington Hills Park: 

Having a buffer between the businesses in the Route 9 valley and the residential area of Wellington Hills Park is not a luxury, it's an absolute necessity.

photos by Bill Stankus

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