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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Snohomish County - Miner's Corner County Park - Part 2

On the east side of Miner's Corner County Park there are underground petroleum pipelines and overhead electrical power lines.  

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On the west side of the park there's a playground for young children. This area has a climbing structure, slide, swings and a large sandbox.  The sandbox is located next to a pond with elaborately shaped cement walls.

The pond, when full, spills over the cement wall and water is channeled around the sandbox and under a footbridge, which is near the children’s climbing structure.

The entire play area is landscaped with large rocks, logs (some solid, some hollow) and large logs with intact root masses.

The first three photos were taken April 2014 and the last three were taken September 2014.

Also, for different perspectives of the sandbox area – the large sculpture-like metal sand funnel can be seen in photo no.1 and no.2

drainage away from sandbox area, towards play structure (not shown in this set of photos).

pond spillway

A person noticed I was taking photos of the sandbox area and asked if I had seen the child’s ball in the pond.  She commented how tempting the floating ball would be to a child and then she remarked, “Why would they place a pond and ditch so close to a sandbox?”

photos by Bill Stankus


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