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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Beyond Wellington Hills Park: Why Preservation of the Park is Critical - Part 1

 During the past 2+ years I've blogged many photos of Wellington Hills Park
... hopefully the natural beauty of the park has been revealed.

Additionally, I've made reference that the park is a buffer zone, green space - a quiet place between residential homes on the plateau and the hustle and bustle of commerce along Route 9 and Highway 522 which are located on the valley floor.

This posting is the first in a series showing what's just beyond the park - and it ain't pretty.

The following photos are orientation for what will follow in the next few days.

Satellite view of the park and nearby area.

• The park and several types of businesses west of the park are labeled.
• Highway 522 and Route 9 are seen as diagonals in the photo.
240th St. is the east-west road going through the park.
71st. Drive is at the right edge of the photo - it is the park boundary, north of 240th.

The view westward across the park as seen from 71st Drive.
Note the grass horizon line at the center of the photo - that's the approximate location of the park's western boundary.

If you walk to that western boundary, there's a row of skinny trees ... and from this vantage point you can look down into the valley and see the highway and commerce of that area. 

In later photos the row of skinny trees and the grassy area can be used to orient where the park is located.

240th St. SE as it exits the park and goes downhill towards Route 9.

photos by Bill Stankus

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