The Wellington Hills Sports Complex? No, it's NOT a done deal!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Beyond Wellington Hills Park: Why Preservation of the Park is Critical - Part 2

On this photo journey you've now driven a few hundred yards away from Wellington Hills Park.

This set of photos was taken at the intersection of 240th St. SE and Route 9.

(Snohomish County Departments of Parks and Public Works have proclaimed this will be the main "gateway" to their "Tournament Level Sports Complex".)

Among the features of this intersection are: 

·       Used car lot
·       Entrance to asphalt and concrete recycling business
·       Entrance to the Wellington Business Park (behind block wall)
·       Railroad tracks
·       Entrance to Costco 

 Looking eastward, uphill towards the trees of Wellington Hills Park.

The asphalt and concrete recycling business is visible behind the used car lot

That's Costco across the street. Locals refer to 240th St. and Route 9 as "the Costco intersection"

The next three photos are of trucks going to and from the very busy asphalt & concrete recycling business.

• The first two are looking northward.
• The third is looking southward. 

The last two photos were taken while in the Route 9 left-turn lane to 240th St. The “side dumping” trucks are commonly seen and generally uncomfortably close when turning at this intersection.

Photos by Bill Stankus

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