The Wellington Hills Sports Complex? No, it's NOT a done deal!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Possible reasons why Snohomish County called an unexpected Master Planning Meeting

10.  They forgot to mention additional sports complex features: a Carousel and a Gun Range.

  9.   Due to complaints about the 700+ car parking lot on the pretty golf course, they will now be digging an underground parking garage for 1,500 cars.

  8.   Borrowing an idea from Disneyland, instead of a 60,000 sq. ft. mountain bike building (whatever that is), they now want a Matterhorn Mountain with several Zip Lines.

  7.   It has taken time for them to gather stacks of bibles for swearing on purposes.

  6.   The Snohomish Council just realized Wellington Hills Golf Course is not in Everett and it’s too far away for lunchtime use.

  5.   Someone looked up the word, “Fault Zone” and now they’re a bit concerned about tipped over food carts and spilled Port-a-Potties.

  4.   Someone suggested NASCAR for Wellington Hills and the County wants to take a closer look at that plan.

  3.   They just realized with the millions of mitigation monies from King County that 30 ft. tall bronze statues of themselves would be more appropriate than a measly sports complex.

  2.   Independent studies have recently been released definitively stating: Children prefer video gaming 20:1 to kicking a ball and parents don’t know how to tailgate PS2 and Xbox 360.

  1.   Now that the City of Woodinville is amassing National Guard troops along the King/Snohomish County Line, complete with tanks, drones and crazy wild dogs, Snohomish County just realized Maltby would be a better location for a sports complex.

Bill Stankus


Alicia and Rob said...

A carousel AND zipl lines?! Now I'm totally for the park. (NOT!)

Sharon Peterson said...

Remember that if sewer is brought to the park, it will then force a domino effect to require all of the residents around the park to also pay. They cannot force you to hook up, but they CAN force you to pay!!

Don't let this happen -- attend the next Public Comment meeting on August 15 at 7pm at Brightwater's Education and Community Center at 22509 SR 9 SE, Woodinville.