The Wellington Hills Sports Complex? No, it's NOT a done deal!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Be prepared for traffic delays

The widening project of the Woodinville-Duvall Road has begun.

From the City of Woodinville's website:

"The Woodinville-Duvall Road Widening Project involves the widening of NE Woodinville-Duvall Road from 156th Avenue NE to the east City limits at 171st Place NE. The existing two-lane roadway will be widened to three-lanes to provide an additional center turn lane and improved sidewalks and bike lanes. Other improvements will include drainage improvements, traffic signal improvements, street lighting, and landscape improvements. The overall length of the project is approximately 1.1 miles. The primary purpose of the project is to improve safety and to relieve traffic congestion."

Of interest to those living south of the Woodinville-Duvall Road, in the general area of 156th Ave. NE and to those in South Snohomish County (75th Ave. SE, aka, Bostian Road) ...

There's a new reader board on 156th Ave. NE which says:
"April through September", "Expect Long Delays" and "Alternate Route Advised".

The added colors are solely location representations of 156th Ave. & Woodinville-Duvall Road

 photos by Bill Stankus
April 16, 2014

What's going on at the 240th St. SE Primus Property?

This morning I saw new digging activity along 240th St. SE ... and I didn't see the almost ubiquitous "LDA" (Land Disturbing Activity) orange sign.

For example, there are several LDA signs located in Wellington Hills Park... and there are signs at the entrance to Costco (their intention is to install more gasoline tanks and pumps).

The digging activity in the photo is on, what is commonly referred to as, "Primus property" and it's located on the down slope side of the western boundary of Wellington Hills Park.

For a different view of this location go here.
Note the third photo, where the rock wall tapers to the ground (at the photo's right margin) ... just beyond that is where the digging is happening.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why Save Wellington Hills Park?

Today I spent several hours walking and taking photos in Wellington Hills Park.

A gorgeous day, Springtime was all around me.

There's a spiritual reward - feeling the transition of seasons, observing the majesty of tall trees and walking over rolling terrain ... wondering how Nature will present itself, underfoot, in front of me and free of man-made stuff.

What the Department of Parks is proposing is akin to dropping a Wal-Mart into a nature reserve.

photos by Bill Stankus
April 10, 2014

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

8AM traffic, Hwy 9 just north of Maltby Road in Snohomish County & Questions About, "What's Going On"?

Snohomish County has plans for the southern part of the county - Big Plans.

But what are those plans?

I'm just a citizen so I'm not privy to the Big Plans.

Perhaps they want to seduce King County money into Snohomish County via shoppers, fast-food joints and as apartment renters ... maybe they're thinking really big ...and they're using duck calls to attract Apple/Microsoft kinda businesses ... all of which would become economic drivers designed to punch-up the status quo of rural and unincorporated areas .... (and ultimately give the County Council a beefy budget).

Unfortunately, the County isn't good at sharing their Real Plans and, true to form, they've done very little to gain the trust and good-faith confidence of many voters, especially in the areas affected by the Big Plans.

However, it is a fact - sewage plants - such as Brightwater - become hubs for development.

It's not a coincidence, Route 9 is being widened north of Brightwater.

Meanwhile, there's chatter about King County building a garbage train transfer station in Woodinville and those garbage-filled trains would go north towards Everett ...

And what about the stories of Maltby getting a beefed-up train station/rail system upgrade ???

And that sports complex proposed for Wellington Hills Park ... the question keeps popping up, will a fully developed sports complex force homeowners to switch from septic systems to sewer connections ... ???

After two years of attending Snohomish County council and committee meetings, I simply don't have clear answers to those questions. But I do believe widening Route 9 is about something more than simply relieving morning/evening traffic congestion.

8AM traffic, southward on Route 9, near Maltby Road
                     The irony of this photo - very few cars are heading north towards Everett.


photo & questions by Bill Stankus
April 2014