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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wellington Hills Park western boundary, vertical earth wall, water and sediment seepage, exposed geologic features, Snohomish County

I submitted the following photos as part of my comments, questions and observations pertaining to the SEPA checklist for Wellington Hills Park which was issued by Snohomish County's Department of Parks, April 2013.

In light of the current public interest in landslides, earth movement and exposed geologic features, especially those in Snohomish County, I'm showing views of the western boundary of Wellington Hills Park - which, in part, happens to be along a steep, almost vertical earth wall.

Please refer to the Google aerial view as seen in the previous blog posting.  The large white surface areas are the roofs of, what is referred to as, The Primus Buildings.

In photo #1, the park's boundary's is the top edge of the almost vertical wall. The two white buildings are the Primus buildings.

Note - photo #2, the view is to the north. Photo #3 is the view towards the south (240th St. SE is just on the other side of the sloping trees)).

In both photo #2 and #3, note the water seepage and the sand/silt which comes out at the base of the rock wall.

Also note - the trees on the slope in photo #3 are tilting due to land movement.

 This photo is from the top of park's western boundary edge -
with the view towards Costco and Hwy 522.

photos by Bill Stankus

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