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Monday, March 31, 2014

Land movement, slumps, slides, geological information

I found the following illustration of value  - here's the link to the site, it's from the British Geological Society.

a bit of text:

"The main classification criteria (for landslides) are:
  • type of movement (falls, topples, slides spreads, flows), and
  • type of material involved in the movement (rock, debris, earth)
Combining movement and material type terms enables an appropriately descriptive landslide name to be formulated. Naming can become more detailed with the addition of other descriptive details related to activity state, water content , rate of movement, etc., if known (e.g. active, complex, extremely rapid, dry rock fall-debris flow).

Only a small selection of the wide spectrum of landslide types that may develop in nature are shown here."

Recent photos of the unconsolidated landfill located above the concrete block wall which parallels Route 9, across the street from Costco.

photo no. 1 - View northward. Note Route 9 and Hwy 522 ramp
photo no. 2 - View southward. Note 240th St. SE intersection and Costco.

photos by Bill Stankus
March 30 (Sunday) approximately 10AM

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