The Wellington Hills Sports Complex? No, it's NOT a done deal!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Aerial view- Route 9, 240th St. SE, Costco intersection, block wall, retention pond, ground slumps and Wellington HIlls Park

Thank you Google Maps ...

A satellite view of the nasty intersection: Route 9 and 240th St. SE., Snohomish County WA

• Three "X's"  mark the locations of ground slumpage.

• I've circled the location of a retention pond located behind the concrete block wall!

• On the right of the photo is the boundary line for Wellington Hills Park - located above a vertical cliff behind the Primus building.

• Check out the last version of the Department of Park's "Master Plan" for Wellington Hills Park.

1 comment:

Wellington Hills Neighbor said...

Looking at your photos one can see horizontal lines of demarcation, below which are bare patches of soil. Are these the beginnings of mini landslides? Also, note the use of silt fencing (typically required during construction to prevent the movement of eroding soil). In this case it appears to remain as a permanent fixture.

Would you park in any of those spaces adjacent to the rock retaining wall??