The Wellington Hills Sports Complex? No, it's NOT a done deal!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Another Letter to the Editor, Woodinville Weekly, March 10, 2014

in the Woodinville Weekly

It is unfortunate that the government official, Parks Director Tom Teigen, continues to make many misleading and false statements about his plans and actions.

I feel it is essential to continue to call him on that. Ms. Stewart was generous when she said Teigen makes “a lot of statements that are only half true.”

Mr Teigen says he’s met with the community repeatedly and has responded to their concerns. In truth, he had the entire complex designed before ever meeting openly with residents. At the first actual public meeting his message was that it’s a “done deal.”

Teigen has said he’s being open with residents. In truth, during the recent “public comment period” for his permit application, the plans residents were supposed to comment on simply weren’t available.

Teigen said critics of his plans make up a small percentage of the community. In truth, at the recent Woodinville Council meeting over 25 residents spoke out in firm opposition to Teigen’s sports complex. Residents in favor: Zero.

Yet Mr Teigen, as quoted in your article, dismisses the residents who have expressed an opinion and arrogantly claims those who haven’t spoken up are on his side. (Support from zero people?)

Teigen claims only 25 acres will be developed. In truth, his application asks permission to clear nearly twice that amount.

Teigen’s traffic study describes Woodinville-Snohomish Road as being a “five-lane” road. In truth, it has five lanes ONLY from the exit from Costco to the 522 on ramp. A distance not even half the length of Costco’s parking lot.

The one accurate thing he said is that the Wellington area is a buffer between the commercial and industrial area and the residential area. A buffer which Teigen wants to eliminate by filling the area with a commercial complex.

“They say we’re ruining the rural character, but we’re actually preserving it,” he said.
No doubt Mr Teigen also believes he has to destroy the village to save it.

Sean Martin, Woodinville

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