The Wellington Hills Sports Complex? No, it's NOT a done deal!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jousting with the devil

Panorama of Wellington Hills Park - the south side of 240th St SE Woodinville Washington (and unfortunately in Snohomish County).

 Why "unfortunately"?

Because IF Snohomish County's Department of Parks gets their way - what you're seeing in the photo will be cut and bulldozed into a memory - and replaced with a 500 car parking lot, stadium lights and a bunch of other unwarranted, unnecessary, not wanted non-essentials.

My friends and I have done something - more than a few times - something Snohomish County's Department of Parks has never done.  

We've gone door to door and asked many hundreds of people in this community their thoughts about the proposed changes to Wellington Hills Park. 

What we've heard ...
  • "Why aren't "they" listening to people in this community?"
  • "What happened to the deal for a community park?"
  • "Why do "they" want to spend $27 million for a non-essential park?" 
  • "Who's pulling the strings to build a sports complex in this neighborhood?"
  • "Are "they" crazy?" 

The following photo was taken on the north side of 240th St. SE. The view is to the west and northwest. 

In this area of the park, Snohomish County's Department of Parks intends to fill in the rolling landscape with all the dirt dug out (250,000 cubic yards) from the landscape you can see in the the first photo. Once this north side area is filled in and flattened, they have plans for an additional 250+ car parking lot.

photos, text by Bill Stankus
May 28, 2014

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