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Monday, April 7, 2014

Letter to Snohomish County: Release of SEPA Threshold Determination for Wellington Hills Park

Mr. Yap, Mr. Teague and Mr. Barnett,

With the announcement of the Threshold Determination and the release of a new SEPA checklist for the Wellington Hills Park project still pending, I am concerned about the track record of issuing documents for this project over the major holidays. 

Last year, the SEPA comment period commenced just before Easter and the first LDA comment period commenced just before Christmas.  As do you, I enjoy these important holidays with family, but I was required to take countless hours away from them in order to provide timely responses to the voluminous amount of material the County produced. 

This is an important process, and I simply request that you respect the effort of your citizens to provide thoughtful comments without the burden of coordinating time during the holidays. 

Therefore, if you are preparing to announce the Threshold Determination, will you please wait until after Easter (April 20) to make the official announcement and begin the 14-day comment period?  Your consideration would be greatly appreciated.


Janet Littlefield
Woodinville, WA  


    John Lovick, County Executive
    Clay White, Director, Planning and Development Services
    Tom Teigen, Department Director, Parks and Recreation
    Dave Somers, County Council, District 5

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