The Wellington Hills Sports Complex? No, it's NOT a done deal!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The proposed Master Plan and one tree

I once lived in an area where logging trucks were a common sight.  The locals referred to the passing trucks as, "the horizontal forest".  Dark humor for a serious issue.

I'm including a blow-up of the latest Snohomish Master Plan sketch.  240th St. SE is centered to the drawing.

Included are: the proposed traffic circle, the proposed pedestrian crossing bridge & circular ramp, the proposed mountain bike building (60' x 100' in size), the proposed dog off leash areas, the proposed sports activity building and partials of the proposed parking lots and sports fields.

The following pictures focus on a single tree - a beautiful western red cedar tree.

Driving in either direction of 240th St. SE, at the western most edge of the ex-golf course, on top of a rolling hill, that's where this tree sits in regal splendor.

                         For location and size of the tree, there's a passing car in the photo.

Standing near the tree and looking towards the fence and a southern part of the Wellington Hills Park

                 If I'm reading the Master Plan sketch correctly - this tree will be cut down.

Despite it's presence, despite it's beauty - it will be removed as part of the planned earth leveling process and such things as traffic circles and pedestrian bridges will replace it.

Photos by Bill Stankus

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cheryl said...

That sucks. Some folks just don't understand anything but the dollar.I sure hope you manage to "run them off the hills". Maybe if more people actually got their exercise in the fresh air, communing with nature, they'd see the folly of their bulldozing ways. Or not. Humans are pretty damn stupid for the most part.