The Wellington Hills Sports Complex? No, it's NOT a done deal!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Once again I congratulate Snohomish County

... because you bought the Wellington Hills Park for the Wellington Hills community.

Thank you for the beautiful Wellington Hills Park!

Southeast corner of the Wellington Hills Park

(There's a sick rumor circulating about a maverick County administrator saying this portion of the Park will be bulldozed for artificial turf with tall field lights.)

I know, that makes no sense to anyone!

Really, who in their right mind would spend millions of tax payer dollars to tear-up an existing park in order to make it into a park?

I'm hopeful the Snohomish County Council will follow the spirit of the King Co. - Sno. Co. Brightwater sewage plant mitigation agreement and do the right thing for the citizens who were the reason for that mitigation agreement.

Yes, Snohomish county Council, it's a brilliant idea to have a green buffer zone between the hubbub of Route 9 and Snohomish County citizens living in the vicinity of 75th (Bostain Road) and the King County residents along 156th into Woodinville (and beyond).

Being nature's caretakers of the Wellington Hills Park will allow people of all ages to enjoy the park, now and for generations to come.

date of photo, 01.03.13
by Bill Stankus

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