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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mudslides near 240th St. SE and Rt. 9 - Updated with new photos

The following photos were taken Dec. 24, 2012.

There were two distinct mudslides.

At time of photos a work crew was placing plastic sheeting on the area behind the wall's edge.

If you draw an straight-line eastward from the two mudslides, the line would go straight into the  Wellington Hills "Park".

I will refer to the two mudslides as "A" and "B".
 "A" is the one closest to 240th St. SE

(click on photos to enlarge)

The concrete block wall at the corner of Rt. 9 and 240th St. SE

View of both mudslides. Berry vines obscure view of mudslide "B".
Note: mud debris on railroad tracks.

View of mudslide "A" looking toward 240th St. SE

View of mudslide "B".  Workers are seen at top of wall.
Mudslide "A" is not in this photo, it is out of frame to the right side.

Mudslide "A"

Closer view of mud debris on wall at mudslide "A".

Even closer, a look at the block wall and mud/sand interface.*

The two additional close-up photos were taken by Susan Boundy-Sanders

The color variations in the blocks and mudslide debris is because the close-up photos were taken at a different time of day when there was more sunlight.

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Sharon Peterson said...

Wow! What a mess!! And potentially dangerous to the railroad, the salmon-bearing Little Bear Creek below, and to traffic trying to go up the hill. Just imagine if there were 700 parking spaces and hundreds MORE cars trying to use that road!!