The Wellington Hills Sports Complex? No, it's NOT a done deal!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Updated - Google views and the County's Master Plan for Wellington Hills Park

* Update * New 1/28/13 version of master plan located lower on page.

There's something honest about an aerial photograph.  Of course you're looking down on the tops of things ... but unlike the limitations of a drive-by view or the simplicity of a plan drawing, you can actually see familiar landmarks and place them in a meaningful picture.

Looking at the Google Map photos of Wellington Hills Park certain things become obvious:

      • Where the park is in the Woodinville - south Snohomish County area.
      • The location and concentration of forested areas within the park.
      • The location of the ex-golf course green areas.
      • The park’s location relative to roads, homes and businesses.
      • The size of near-by structures and parking lots.

Photo 1.
Wellington Hills Park. 240th St. SE goes through the center of the park (east-west).
Costco is on the left side of the photo and Bostian road (75 Ave. SE) is near the right edge.

Photo 1

Photo 2.
Costco, surrounded by Hwy 522 and Route 9.
240th SE is directly across from the main entrance to Costco.

Costco's parking lot holds approximately 700 cars.
The County is proposing paved parking spaces in Wellington Hills Park for over 700 cars.

Photo 2

Photo 3.
A closer view of the south side of 240th St. SE

This photo shows where the proposed sports fields (seven of them) and a paved parking lot (for 500 vehicles) would be constructed. (Another parking lot would be on the north side of 240th St.)

To the right side of the old golf course buildings and parking lot, is a forested area. If the proposed sports complex is approved for construction, the trees in this area will be cut down and the area will be dug out and lowered approximately 10-20 feet in depth.  An earthen berm would be built parallel to 240th St.

Photo 3

Photo 4.
A closer view of the north side of 240th St. SE.
71st. Dr. SE is the north/south street, located at the right side of the photo.
The bright roofs are the Primus buildings.

The proposed 60,000 sq. ft. mountain bike building would be located at the edge of the grassy area at the edge of the forest, left of center in this photo.

A paved parking lot for 250+ cars would be located parallel to the mountain bike building in the grassy area.

Photo 4
New Master Plan 01/28/13
January 28, 2013 Master Plan

For comparison purposes, the older version of the County's Master Plan.
Oct. 2012 Master Plan


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