The Wellington Hills Sports Complex? No, it's NOT a done deal!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Enough already

Standing at the western edge of Wellington Hills Park and looking down at Route 9 ... the photos are what you see.

Why can't the County keep development where it already is?

Wellington Hills Park is already a park.  Why does the County need to spend hard earned tax payer dollars to tear-up Wellington Hills Park so that they can construct a large scale sports complex?

Once again, here's the County's "Master Plan"

About their comic book looking "Master Plan":

• 7 sports fields with 4 of those covered with artificial turf and surrounded with field lights.

• Paved parking for 700+ cars.  That's about the same number of parking slots as at Costco.

• A commercially operated Mountain Bike Facility that's 60,000 sq. feet in size (100 ft. x 60 ft.).

• It's estimated by the County, 90% of the Sports Complex traffic will enter from Route 9 at 240th (across from Costco).

• This IS a cut and fill project. The current hill and dale topology will be dug out and flattened.

• The "Community Activity Center" is vaguely described but it probably will have toilets (sewer line?) and office spaces for various commercial sports organizations.

• Most of the open space on the north side of 240th is for off-leash dogs.

(I like dogs, we have a dog, but these open pee zones are well known for spreading dog diseases hence our dog will never visit this proposed off-leash area.)

••• All in all, their Master Plan is akin to having a huge White Elephant suddenly at your door demanding you knock-down walls in your house and feed it lots of peanuts and let it sleep on Fido or Fluffy's tiny bed.

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