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Friday, May 23, 2014

Hey Seattle! Echo? Piffle to Echo. WE almost have a Christo (not really)

Do they have art in their hearts?

I cannot  answer that - but they do know how to plastic-wrap a towering mountain of sand.

Our intrepid photographer (me) withstood a light rain drizzle and 5mph breezes just to capture the excitement of another "Almost Art Happening" in Snohomish County. (they come so often my head is spinning - why only last year ...)

Today was really exciting, I got a good parking place at Costco and the check-out lines were reasonably quick. (BTW, it looks like Costco is almost out of "Organic Love Beets").

Anyway, without more preamble ...

award winning photos by Bill Stankus
May 23, 2014


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