The Wellington Hills Sports Complex? No, it's NOT a done deal!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

8AM traffic, Hwy 9 just north of Maltby Road in Snohomish County & Questions About, "What's Going On"?

Snohomish County has plans for the southern part of the county - Big Plans.

But what are those plans?

I'm just a citizen so I'm not privy to the Big Plans.

Perhaps they want to seduce King County money into Snohomish County via shoppers, fast-food joints and as apartment renters ... maybe they're thinking really big ...and they're using duck calls to attract Apple/Microsoft kinda businesses ... all of which would become economic drivers designed to punch-up the status quo of rural and unincorporated areas .... (and ultimately give the County Council a beefy budget).

Unfortunately, the County isn't good at sharing their Real Plans and, true to form, they've done very little to gain the trust and good-faith confidence of many voters, especially in the areas affected by the Big Plans.

However, it is a fact - sewage plants - such as Brightwater - become hubs for development.

It's not a coincidence, Route 9 is being widened north of Brightwater.

Meanwhile, there's chatter about King County building a garbage train transfer station in Woodinville and those garbage-filled trains would go north towards Everett ...

And what about the stories of Maltby getting a beefed-up train station/rail system upgrade ???

And that sports complex proposed for Wellington Hills Park ... the question keeps popping up, will a fully developed sports complex force homeowners to switch from septic systems to sewer connections ... ???

After two years of attending Snohomish County council and committee meetings, I simply don't have clear answers to those questions. But I do believe widening Route 9 is about something more than simply relieving morning/evening traffic congestion.

8AM traffic, southward on Route 9, near Maltby Road
                     The irony of this photo - very few cars are heading north towards Everett.


photo & questions by Bill Stankus
April 2014

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