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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What's going on at the 240th St. SE Primus Property?

This morning I saw new digging activity along 240th St. SE ... and I didn't see the almost ubiquitous "LDA" (Land Disturbing Activity) orange sign.

For example, there are several LDA signs located in Wellington Hills Park... and there are signs at the entrance to Costco (their intention is to install more gasoline tanks and pumps).

The digging activity in the photo is on, what is commonly referred to as, "Primus property" and it's located on the down slope side of the western boundary of Wellington Hills Park.

For a different view of this location go here.
Note the third photo, where the rock wall tapers to the ground (at the photo's right margin) ... just beyond that is where the digging is happening.

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