The Wellington Hills Sports Complex? No, it's NOT a done deal!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

UPDATED. TV news, Park Rangers, Backhoe, Q and A's - It's been a busy day at the park

Today, Channel 5 (King 5) visited Wellington Hills Park to do a story - to be aired Tuesday (tomorrow) March 20 … so I grabbed my camera and headed to the Park.

I got there early and decided to take photos of my favorite Landmark Green Space … 

this time I wanted to take pictures of nice trees scheduled for removal.

Wow. I mean I've haven't seen that much action at the Park since Snohomish County's Department of Parks & Rec. demolished all the golf course buildings.

First discovery. A Snohomish Park Ranger got his truck stuck in the water saturated ground ... followed by another Ranger attempting to rescue the stuck truck. 

Park Ranger "B" attempting to tow Park Ranger "A"

Then even more excitement.  The Big Backhoe (which demolished all the golf course buildings) was loaded onto a flatbed and driven away.  

That rig certainly has a large turning radius. 

(I wonder how they fared on the steep part of 240th St.?)  

Lots of rigs similar to the one with the Big Backhoe bottom-out on the road and then need a Big Tow Truck so they can escape 240th St..


What can I say? The Channel 5 (King 5) cameraman has a way cool camera and tripod.

This photo also has a decent landmark.  
He's in the area of potential sport complex activity fields.

Please note - the houses seen in the top left corner are located in King County. 
Bummer for them - not because they're in King Co. … it's just they're so exposed to future sports complex crowds, noise, stadium lights and, of course, wandering looky-loos.

Cameraman and his way cool camera easily records King 5 reporter Jake Whittenberg, and another person, as they walk towards the camera.

King 5 News Crew, Jake Whittenberg & Ken Jones

Finally, a concerned citizen stopped by and asked, "Why does Snohomish County's Department of Parks & Rec. need to cut down so many beautiful old trees?"

Good question.

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