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Friday, March 22, 2013

Snow - Did you say SNOW - I gotta SUV

This morning, 7:30 AM, March 22, 2013 -  the snow scene in Wellington Hills.

But I want to trip back a few winters and show Wellington Hills Park and 240th St. during a typical "Convergent Zone" snow.

71st Dr. SE
Golf Course, South side of 240th
240th St. view to the west
Going downhill, first curve 240th St.
Stuck cars seen from first curve 240th St.
Cars cannot overcome snowy/icy 240th St.
Walking past cars, view of last 240th curve before Rt.9
240th St. curve uphill of Primus Bldg.
Looking back up hill, note steepness
240th St. curve
Where road grooming stopped
Drivers attempting going up or down 240th St.- same results
Waiting for a tow truck
Waiting for a tow truck
Looking back uphill
Ignored "Traffic Control Sign"
Slow moving traffic on Rt. 9 & plenty of stuck cars

I suggest those reviewing the pile of SEPA documents take note of winter conditions in Wellington Hills Park.

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