The Wellington Hills Sports Complex? No, it's NOT a done deal!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Not mentioned at The Wellington Hills Park public meeting

Several of us attended a recent County's Park and Rec ad hoc planning committee.  We heard about the newest changes to the park plan and we listened to the committee's discussion of the plans  - most of what was repeated at the 1/31/13 public meeting held at Brightwater.

One detail I didn't hear mentioned at Brightwater:

Parks and Recs plans to knock down the golf course buildings sometime during the next month. 

The two club house structures, the sheds used for golf carts storage and the boarded-up house at the eastern edge of the grassy area will be demolished.

I mention this, not because the buildings are remarkable but because the County is proceeding as if their proposed change to Wellington Park is a "Done Deal".

On the contrary - the sports complex is NOT A DONE DEAL!

If the neighborhood raises it's voice, writes letters to the Snohomish County Council telling them the current plan stinks ... and if the community donates time and money to the Neighbors to Save Wellington Park (NSWP) legal fund - the outcome will be different.

Just because a few people are pushing for a sports complex - doesn't make their plan a good one.

                         A Community Park is much better than a special interest park.

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