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Thursday, October 24, 2013

They did it because they could

After Tuesdays' Butchery of Roadside Trees, we were told by a guy in Snohomish County Public Works (management) ... there would be no more tree pruning-cutting along 240th St.


Here's the "before" pic taken 10/22/13 of the place where the work crew decided to do their thing. Note the colorful maples almost in the center of the photo.

This morning, literally in the fog, the chainsaw crew were back and busy as beavers whacking away at more trees along 240th.

Since what they were doing made zero sense to me, I tried guessing what it was they were thinking .....

"Hey boss, we gotta cut those limbs, waaaaay up there, 'cause if we don't, hot air balloons are gonna get stuck."

"Yea, we just made telephone poles."

"Look! More trees!"

"Really? A tree needs limbs?  Go on, you're kiddin' me!"

And here's the "after pic of the crew's efforts.
Note the absence of the colorful maples.


I realize it wouldn't have been quite as thrilling as the whacking of tall evergreens or the colorful maples ... but it would've been more valuable if the work crew had left the maples alone and driven a few yards up the road and removed the misshapen weedy trees (on both sides of the road) which they had sort of cut on Tuesday. 

On second thought, I think it's best the tree whackers don't return to Wellington Hills Park.
Maybe that should do their handy work in Everett, perhaps along Rockefeller Ave.

And you trust the County government to do the right thing with Wellington Hills Park?

photos by Bill Stankus
October 2013

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