The Wellington Hills Sports Complex? No, it's NOT a done deal!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Do's, Don't, Rules and Signs

The Wellington Hills area is currently a quiet residential area. People live there. Wellington Hills is a nice place to live.  

Wellington Hills has well cared for homes, fronted by narrow, two-lane roads, a few stop signs and poles for electrical service.

Not much happens in Wellington Hills except for people living rather normal and ordinary lives.

There's the occasional garage sale or birthday with balloons tied to mail boxes ... and I've seen people gardening, washing cars and walking dogs ... and, people have told me they really enjoy sitting in the quiet, on their decks or in their yards.


The City of Woodinville is a few miles away and Wellington Hills people shop at Albertsons, Top Food, Target, Molbak's and McLendon Hardware - to name a few businesses.

Route 9 is down hill from Wellington Hills and Sunbelt, Del's Truck rental and Costco are easy to find.

People go to Wilmot Park, picnic, play and use the Burke-Gilman Trail for biking and walking ... or maybe they go to Cottage Lake Park... or maybe they tour the wineries on the south side of Woodinville.


Snohomish County and their Department of Parks and Recreations plans to totally transform the Wellington Hills residential neighborhood.

What they're proposing is akin to placing an international airport smack in the middle of long established homesteads.  The bureaucrats of Snohomish County, have more or less said, let's bulldoze the traditional style and the peace and quiet of Wellington Hills and build a bunch of for-profit concession stands.

Instead of a place where people live and escape the high-energy, hustle and bustle of industrial parks, shopping malls and amusement parks ... it’s as if County government is saying, let's dump those things on Wellington Hills.

With the County’s proposed regional sports complex, people living in Wellington Hills will be seeing a lot of these signs ... the do's and don't, the rules and structured definitions of government mandated behavior:



















photos by Bill Stankus

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