The Wellington Hills Sports Complex? No, it's NOT a done deal!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Proposed changes to 240th Ave. SE at Route 9, across from Costco

Back in May 2012 when the proposed sports complex was first announced to the neighborhood (that's just four months ago) we were told they, the County, had a master plan for their commercial "park" and, "it was a done deal" and "we would like it".

However, at that time, they were only going to build their "park". The surrounding roads sort of didn't exist in their plans and would be dealt with later, after the "park" was in place.

While their master plan hasn't radically changed ('tho they continue to move the basic elements around much like in a board game), at least there's now a conceptual drawing what 240th St. SE could become.

The first picture is a copy of their official drawing. The second picture is an enlargement of the 240th and Route 9 redesign.

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