The Wellington Hills Sports Complex? No, it's NOT a done deal!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

What to expect

There's a place, just south of Woodinville, known as "60 Acres".  Or, as stated on their web page, "60 Acres is a King County Park located in the Sammamish River valley on the north side of Redmond. It is situated on 94 total acres, including 60 acres of premium athletic fields."

More or less, that's what Snohomish County's Parks and Recreation wants to do with the Wellington Golf Course.  Tho' 60 acres doesn't have 110,000 square feet of buildings or difficult hills or terrible traffic intersections ... or a quiet neighborhood within spitting distance of the activity fields or parking lots..

Thank you Reed Keagle for these photos.

No this isn't 240th St. SE or 71st Drive SE (the Wellington Golf Course roads) ... but it could be if the Parks and Recreations Dept. of Snohomish County isn't checked.

What happens when large parking lots are filled ...

Everyone is well behaved, orderly and will pay attention to signs (that's what the Snohomish County representative said people will do).

At least the off-leach area will be orderly ...

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