The Wellington Hills Sports Complex? No, it's NOT a done deal!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

We Need Your Help

We've been to all the informal meetings presented by Snohomish County and local neighbors have been very vocal with their concerns regarding the County’s plans. All the while the County’s representative simply says, “Trust us, we know what you want”.
At the first public meeting (May 8, 2012) the County’s representative said, “This (sports complex) is a done-deal”.
They told us there was a web page for leaving comments and they were using the feed-back to design the sports complex.  But after repeated requests for the web page address we were told, sorry, there is no such site. 
Was the ad-hoc planning committee hand-picked from groups and businesses who have vested interests in the sports complex? Yes.

Were there ever planning discussions with our neighborhood? No. 
Was there ever the hint of compromise regarding the design or purpose of this sports complex? No. 
They’ve said they know it will radically change our neighborhood and the surrounding area.
They’ve said it’s a Pay-To-Play sports complex.
They’ve also said, they will first build the sports complex and worry about the local roads after the sports complex is finished.
We’ve hired an attorney to assist with the legal issues relating to the County’s plans  ... 
and that costs money.
If you can help out, please contribute to the Wellington Park Defense Fund.
Send your checks to 
“Neighbors to Save Wellington Park” (Margaret PhilipTreasurer) 
15110 NE 204th St. 
Woodinville, WA  98072
If you have questions please contact
Todd Bailey at: 

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Reed K said...

To think the Snohomish County Parks Department would plan all these recreational facilities at Wellington Hills Park without even having sewer service in the area is absurd. You would need a huge fleet of portapotties, which are obviously unsightly, unsanitary and costly, for 700+ cars full of people. The traffic problems that would be caused by these facilities would require major improvements to 240th St SE and they did mention their plans to fix it up and add round-abouts to allow heavier traffic flow. But 156th Ave NE (75th Ave SE) would also need improvements, which are not included in their plan. Anyone familiar with the area would realize that. My guess is that, because these improvements would make their plan more expensive and problematic, they don't want to acknowledge it. More importantly the neighbors in this area don't want the planning process for the park dominated by a bunch of soccer players and BMX-bike enthusiasts. If you ask me there are plenty of nearby soccer fields, on 116th ST NE in Redmond and there is no shortage of places to ride bikes. In their haste to generate revenue the Parks Department seems to be ignoring major problems with their plan.