The Wellington Hills Sports Complex? No, it's NOT a done deal!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Snohomish County Council, Administrative Session June 9, 2014 - More money for the Department of Parks Wellington Hills Park Master Plan?

MONDAY, JUNE 9, 2014
10:30 a.m.

Today, all five County Council members were in attendance.
One of the motions under consideration (and relative to the plans for Wellington Hills Park):

“Motion 14-236, authorizing approval of Amendment #3 to the contract for consultant services with Bruce Dees and Associates, LLC., landscape architects for additional services in the development of Wellington Hills County Park (ECAF 2202)”

Go HERE to read the full agenda list.

Bruce Dees and Associates is the landscape architecture, recreation facilities design company hired by Snohomish County’s Department of Parks to design the tournament level sports complex planned (but not yet approved) for Wellington Hills Park.

That reference to "additional services" in Motion 14-236 ??
To date, approximately one million dollars has already been paid to Bruce Dees and Associates. That money was for design work on the Dept. of Parks sports complex plan, aka, "The Master Plan". 

Today’s motion was about additional money for Bruce Dees and Associates.

Public comments were heard at the beginning of the Admin Session.

Here’s what I said to the County Council:

 Hindsight is a wonderful and valuable tool … if, that is, it’s actually used in a decision-making process.

You’re now considering providing more money for Bruce Dees and Associates … for what is essentially vaporware.

Regarding that business of hindsight … in October of 2012 a Snohomish County Council member said with some regret … that after the County’s expenditure of over one million dollars for the failed bio-fuel venture  … the County would be more cautious and wouldn’t invest in something unless there’s a solid business plan in place.

So, I ask, regarding Wellington Hills Park … is there a legitimate business plan in place?  And, if there is such a plan, where is it? 

Fiscal responsibility? … What will be the total cost for a sports complex in Wellington Hills Park? … If you proceed down this extravagant path for an over-built park, … my guesstimate for this low-priority and non-essential enterprise is a total investment of somewhere around an outrageous 27 million dollars.

You’ve already spent approximately one million dollars on Bruce Dees and Associates – and now you’re considering even more for them … and the Council hasn’t even voted upon whether to proceed or not with the totally inappropriate Wellington Hills Park plan.

Finally, how many County parks rely on volunteers for their upkeep?

For example, volunteers are necessary for the maintenance of Lord Hill Park and volunteers will be necessary for the care and preservation of Hooven Bog.

I wonder if those volunteers could use a few crumbs of the money being spent on Bruce Dees and Associates?”


To read about the failed Biofuel Venture – GO HERE.

For more about Lord Hill Park volunteers – GO HERE.

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