The Wellington Hills Sports Complex? No, it's NOT a done deal!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fire Department response, car fire, Wellington Hills Park

I want to share a portion of what I wrote in my response to the SEPA Checklist section, "Traffic Impact Analysis".

"Despite the proposed street improvements at the intersection of 240th Street SE and Route 9, the significant increase in traffic resulting from the proposed development of Wellington Hills Park will increase the risk of congestion, accidents and injuries, especially when the street is used or blocked by emergency responders for specific fire and rescue purposes.   

At no point in the Traffic Impact Analysis … is there a discussion of emergency vehicle response within the Park and its impact on 240th Street SE, which is expected to be the main entry/exit point to the proposed regional sports complex.

... I have enclosed a selection of six photographs that were taken of 240th Street SE following a car fire.  During the fire department’s response to the car fire, traffic on 240th Street SE was blocked in all directions.  If this type of emergency occurred during a sports event, what are the contingencies for supplemental rescue vehicles? What are the strategic exit plans for those already on-site should an evacuation be necessary?"

photos by Bill Stankus

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