The Wellington Hills Sports Complex? No, it's NOT a done deal!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's been cold, there's a bit of snow on the ground along with patches of road ice - Now's a perfect moment to look-back at a past November

Wellington Hills Park and 240th St. during a typical "Convergent Zone" snow. 

photos taken November 27, 2006 by Bill Stankus

71st Dr. SE, walking towards 240th St.
Golf Course, south side of 240th
240th St. and view to the west
Looking downhill, first curve 240th St.

Stuck cars seen from first curve 240th St.

Walking past cars, view of last 240th curve before Rt.9

240th St. curve uphill of Primus Bldg./asphalt recycling co.

Drivers attempted going up or down 240th St. - same results

Powerful vehicles - stuck in ditch

Waiting for a tow

Sanding trucks could only go so far uphill from Rt. 9

Obviously the "Road Closed" sign was effective

Down on Rt 9. plowing & sanding helped - once the snow stopped falling

One after another, ditch parking on Rt 9 from 240th St. south to 195th St.

Happy & safe holiday driving - Remember, keep faith in yourself and the drivers near you - real winter is about to begin.

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