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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Update: The cyclist killed on 240th St. SE, Woodinville WA has been identified

The Woodinville Patch has an article about Jerry Shafer, the cyclist who was killed on 240th St. SE.

Within the Patch article is a link to an article in The Seattle Times.

I believe both articles reveal something about a remarkable person.

I live here and I care what happens in my neighborhood - so, hours after the police had finished their business on 240th, I walked down the street, upset about the accident and also curious as to the specific location. 

I don't know if the water bottle in the photo belonged to Jerry Shafer, but it's proximity to the accident site was chilling and certainly it's an impermanent reminder of a person riding his bike, enjoying a beautiful day.

Bill Stankus 
June 2013

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Anonymous said...

We just moved into the neighborhood and I was wondering about the bike in the tree. A little googling led me to this. This is so sad.