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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Impressions of Hooven Bog

Today had some neat and cool.

Sno-King Watershed Council celebrated the recent Snohomish County vote authorizing the purchase of Hooven Bog (which is really, really close to Wellington Hills Park).

For more about today's event go the Sno-King Watershed Council's site … here.

Preservationist Randy Whalen, Ecologist Sarah Cooke ... Snohomish County’s Deputy Executive Mark Ericks and County Executive John Lovick all gave terrific speeches.

Hopeful there would be no quiz, the good-natured audience listened to a science lesson, took note of the trials and tribulations of a citizen activist ... and enjoyed how Hooven Bog is viewed by the County Executive and Deputy Executive. And, with all that - there was also tasty cake.

Be sure to read the recent fine article in the Everett Herald by Noah Haglund.

First, a visual reference showing the close proximity of Hooven Bog to Wellington Hills Park.

 Secondly, Hooven Bog is surrounded by private land, driveways and roads - there is no public road to it, so, if you are interested in Hooven Bog, please go to this site for further details.

and, as the afternoon waned ...

satellite view by Google

photos by Bill Stankus
April 27,2014

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